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Correa-Chávez, Maricela CELF Research Page
  Correa-Chávez, Maricela
AERA/UC LMRI Postdoctoral Scholar
E-Mail: mcorrea@ucla.edu
  My research focuses on how individuals learn through their engagement with others by observing and contributing to the traditions of their communities. I examine cultural aspects of learning and cognition by examining the use of attention in social interaction and how close attention to other’s activities can be considered a tacit form of communication. I am especially interested in how the differential use of attention is related to children’s (and their families’) participation in school as well as Indigenous Mexican and Central American traditions of teaching and learning.

I also examine the cultural and historical organization of childhood and how cultural and historical change transform children’s lives and the way learning is organized. I have done work that examines how large-scale economic and social change (over a 23 year period) transformed children’s daily lives in a Mayan town.

Currently at the CELF center I am working with Dr. Kris Gutierrez to examine how school reorganizes child and family life for middle-class families outside of school hours.

Representative publications :

Rogoff, B., Moore, L., Najafi, B., Dexter, A., Correa-Chávez, M., & Solis, J. (in press). Cultural routines and practices. To appear in J. Grusec & P. Hasting (Eds.) Handbook of Socialization. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Gutiérrez, K. D. & Correa-Chávez, M. (2006). What to do about culture? LLinE: Journal of Life Long Learning in Europe, 11, 152-159.

Correa-Chávez, M., Rogoff, B., & Mejía Arauz, R. (2005). Cultural patterns in attending to two events at once. Child Development, 76, 664-678.

Correa-Chávez, M., & Rogoff, B. (2005). Cultural research has transformed our ideas of cognitive development. Newsletter for the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development, 1 serial 47, 7-10.

Rogoff, B., Correa-Chávez, M., & Navichoc-Cotuc, M. (2005). A cultural/historical view of schooling in human development. In D. Pillemer & S.H. White (Eds.), Developmental psychology and social change. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Rogoff, B., Paradise, R., Mejía Arauz, R., Correa-Chávez, M., & Angelillo, C. (2003). Firsthand learning through intent participation. Annual Review of Psychology,54, 175-203

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