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Goodwin, Charles -- Department of Applied Linguistics CELF Research Page
  Goodwin, Charles -- Department of Applied Linguistics
Professor, Applied Linguistics, UCLA
CELF Core Faculty
Phone: 310-825-7974
Office: 3330 Rolfe Hall
E-Mail: cgoodwin@humnet.ucla.edu
CELF Research

Language and interaction; ethnography of science; aphasia as a social process; social organization of perception through language; discourse in the professions.

Charles Goodwin is Professor of Applied Linguistics at UCLA. He received his Ph.D. from the Annenberg School of Communications, University of Pennsylvania, 1977. His research focuses on how participants construct action in daily life, using the structure of talk of talk-in-interaction (e.g., the study of how sentences emerge through processes of interaction that encompass both speaker and hearer(s), the interactive organization of story telling, etc.), cognitive artifacts such as documents, graphs and tools, and features of the setting where their interaction is occurring. He has investigated such processes in family dinners, children's play, legal argument and the work of chemists, archaeologists, oceanographers and different kinds of workers at a large airport. His research encompass the analysis of talk-in-interaction, the ethnography of science, aphasia as a social process and discourse in the workplace. Publications include Conversational Organization: Interaction Between Speakers and Hearers (New York: Academic Press, 1977), Rethinking Context: Language as an Interactive Phenomenon (edited with Alessandro Duranti, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992), "Professional Vision" in American Anthropologist 1994, "Co-constructing Meaning in Conversations with a Man with Severe Aphasia" in Research on Language in Social Interaction 1995; "Seeing in Depth" in Social Studies of Science 1995; "Transparent Vision" In Elinor Ochs, Emanuel A. Schegloff, & Sandra Thompson (Eds.), Interaction and Grammar 1996 Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, "Practices of Color Classification" in Mind, Culture and Activity 1999, "Action and Embodiment within Situated Human Interaction" in Journal of Pragmatics 2000. He spent two years analyzing discourse and cognition in the workplace at Xerox PARC. Interests and teaching include video analysis of talk-in-interaction, grammar in context, gesture, gaze and embodiment as interactively organized social practices, aphasia in discourse, language in the professions and the ethnography of science.

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