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Klein, Wendy CELF Research Page
  Klein, Wendy
Phone: 310-267-4253
Office: 318C Haines Hall
E-Mail: wendyk@ucla.edu
Celf Specialization: Linguistic Anthropology and Sociocultural Anthropology

My research on the linguistic and cultural worlds of families has two major foci: 1) ideologies and practices of household work in the everyday lives of working families; and 2) the socialization of ethnic and religious identification, education, and work practices in Indian Immigrant families.

Current studies on the division of labor among working couples in the United States indicate that managing household responsibilities is often a source of stress and discontent, partly due to a lack of successful approaches and changing cultural models. My research examines ideologies and practices of participation in household work among the families in the CELF data corpus. I examine the linguistic and interactional features of couples' communication and parent-child interactions regarding household work. Family practices are constructed by both parents and children as they collaborate, negotiate, or engage in conflict about the nature of household obligations and family responsibilities. I am interested in household work as a site of child socialization as well as a domain in which marital collaboration and conflict are enacted.

My other research agenda draws from recent anthropological and sociological frameworks for the study of migration to examine education and work socialization in Indian Immigrant working familes in Los Angeles. Among the families I studied, child socialization involves multilingualism, consistent monitoring of academic and social activities, and teaching discipline and perseverance as a strong family ethos. These families also maintain transnational family or business ties that carry economic and cultural implications for their children’s socialization and future trajectories.

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Working Papers:
2006. Bridging Cultural Worlds: Ideologies and Practices Related to Education and Work in two Immigrant Families in Los Angeles (with Dr. Carolina Izquierdo). CELF Sloan Working Paper #50.

2005. Collaboration and Conflict: Insights into the Division of Labor among Working Couples in the United States and Italy (with Dr. Carolina Izquierdo, Dr. Thomas Bradbury, and Dr. Francesco Arcidiacono). CELF Sloan Working Paper # 36.

2004. Working Relationships: Communicative Patterns and Strategies among Couples in Everyday Life (with Dr. Carolina Izquierdo & Dr. Thomas Bradbury). CELF Sloan Working Paper, #28.

2003. Children's Participation in Household Work: Socialization in Working Family Interactions. CELF Sloan Working Paper, #14.


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