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Saxbe, Darby CELF Research Page
  Saxbe, Darby
Phone: 310-663-6082
Office: 1183B Franz Hall
E-Mail: dsaxbe@ucla.edu
Celf Specialization: Psychology

I'm interested in stress, particularly in how accumulated stress from the workday might spill over into moods and interactions at home. I am currently looking at the cortisol data that has been collected by participants in our study through saliva sampling. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and I'm interested in seeing how daily cortisol levels might fluctuate according to family members'experiences at work, as well as their happiness and adjustment at home (for example, their marital satisfaction). I'm also interested in how families cope with stress - for example, are parents more likely to withdraw from other family members when they return home from a particularly busy day? To that end, I am hoping to examine family members' attempts to unwind in the evening, for example through watching television together.


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