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Campos, Belinda CELF Research Page
  Campos, Belinda
Assistant Professor, University of California, Irvine
Phone: 949.824.1792
Office: University of California, Irvine
E-Mail: bcampos@uci.edu
Celf Specialization: Social-Personality Psychologist

Research Areas: Culture, Relationships, Positive Emotion, Health

Research has shown that relationships can enhance the quality of life by conferring higher levels of subjective well-being, greater resilience against personal difficulty, and better health. My own work examines the role of culture and emotion in shaping close relationship experience and health outcomes. My interdisciplinary approach uses a multi-method blend of research tools that includes quantitative and qualitative methods and an emphasis on spontaneous social interaction in the course of daily life.

My CELF work includes projects that examine the influence of positive emotion, everyday rituals (e.g., dinner, end of day reunions), and work stress on family bonds.

Representative Publications:

Ochs, E., Shoet, M., Campos, B., & Beck, M. (in press). Coming together for dinner. To appear in B. Schneider (Ed.), Why workplace flexibility matters: A global perspective.

Shiota, M. N., Campos, B., Gonzaga, G. C., Keltner, D., & Peng, K. (in press). I love you but...: Cultural differences in complexity of emotional experience during interaction with a romantic partner. Cognition and Emotion.

Campos, B., Graesch, A., Ochs, E., Repetti, R., & Bradbury, T. (2009). A context of opportunity? Naturalistic observation of dual-earner families after work and school. Journal of Family Psychology, 23, 798-807.

Campos, B. & Algoe, S. (2009). Kindness. In S. J. Lopez (Ed.), Encyclopedia of positive psychology. London: Blackwell Publishing.

Campos, B., Dunkel Schetter, C., Abdou, C. M., Hobel, C., Glynn, L., & Sandman, C. (2008). Familialism, social support, and stress: Positive implications for pregnant Latinas. Journal of Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 14, 155-162.

Campos, B., Dunkel Schetter, C., Walsh, J., & Schenker, M. (2007). Sharpening the focus on acculturative change: ARSMA-II, stress, pregnancy anxiety, and infant birthweight in recently immigrated Latinas. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 29, 209-224.

Gonzaga, G. C., Campos, B., & Bradbury, T. (2007). Similarity, convergence, and relationship satisfaction in dating and married couples. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 93, 34-48.

Campos, B. & Schenker, M. (2007). Acculturation. In S. Boslaugh (Ed.), Encyclopedia of epidemiology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Campos, B., Keltner, D., Beck, J., Gonzaga, G. C., & John, O. P. (2007). Culture and teasing: The relational benefits of reduced desire for positive differentiation. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 33, 3-16.

Gonzaga, G. C., Turner, R. A., Keltner, D., Campos, B., & Altemus, M. (2006). Love and desire in close relationships. Emotion, 6, 163-179.

Campos, B., Keltner, D., & Tapias, M. P. (2004). Emotion. In C. Spielberger (Ed.), Encyclopedia of applied psychology (pp. 713-722). Oxford: Elsevier Academic Press.


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