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celf colloquia, 2001-2002
October 18, 2001
"Creole Day is Every Day": Language Socialization, Shift, and Ideologies in Dominica, West Indies
Amy Paugh (UCLA Sloan Center on Everyday Lives of Families)
November 1, 2001 Salem Camp Meetin': "That Old Time Religion" as a Theater of Family Memory
Bradd Shore and Nat Kendall-Taylor (Emory Center on Myth and Ritual in American Life)
November 15, 2001 Motivation and Culture in Vietnamese Immigants' Adaptation to Life in the United States
April Leininger (UCLA Sloan Center on Everyday Lives of Families)
Janurary 17, 2002 Betwixt and Between: Finding Cure and Meaning among the Matsigenka of the Peruvian Amazon
Carolina Izquierdo (UCLA Sloan Center on Everyday Lives of Families)
January 31, 2002 Workshop on Well-Being
Thomas Bradbury (UCLA), Douglas Hollan (UCLA), Gordon Mathews (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Daniel Siegel (UCLA), Eunkook M. Suh (UCI), and Thomas Weisner (UCLA)
February 14, 2002 Lives in Motion

Crafting Futures:
Co-creating Developmental Pathways
Mary Lawlor (USC)

Pocahantas Goes to the Clinic:
The Construction of Hope
Cheryl Mattingly (USC)
February 28, 2002 Burned Like a Tattoo: High School Social Categories and "American Culture"
Sherry Ortner (Columbia University)
April 18, 2002 The Language of Love in a Chinese Village
Yunxiang Yan (UCLA)
May 2, 2002 Dealing with Temporal Heterogeneity: Learning and Using Complex Inventories of Time-Keeping among South Arabian Families
Andre Gingrich (University of Vienna)
May 9-10, 2002 Sloan Network Conference, Emory University
May 16, 2002 Growing up in Oakland: Contemporary Urban Childhoods and the Decline of Public and Civic Culture
Barrie Thorne (Sloan Center for Working Families, UC Berkeley)