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Buchbinder, Mara CELF Research Page
  Buchbinder, Mara
Graduate Student Fellow
Phone: 310-267-4253
Office: 318C Haines Hall
E-Mail: mbuch@ucla.edu
  Celf Specialization: Psychocultural/Medical and Linguistic Anthropology

The Family Health Portrait Project

My research at CELF focuses on how families manage children's health and wellbeing and negotiate responsibility in the ordinary routines of their everyday lives. Working in collaboration with Dr. Linda Garro, I have considered how responsibility for family health is articulated, negotiated, and enacted within family activities. We combine video, interview, and survey data to sketch portraits of individual families' practices and attitudes concerning health and wellbeing, highlighting areas of disjuncture between families' expressed ideals and the lived constraints of working family life.


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