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George, Rachel CELF Research Page
  George, Rachel
Graduate Student Fellow
Phone: 310-267-4253
Office: 318C Haines Hall
E-Mail: rachel.l.george@gmail.com
My research at CELF explores how children and youth are drawn into and verbally express political awareness in social interactions with adults, older children, and peers. I am looking particularly at how a young person acquires ways of discussing, constructing, and acting upon 1) stances towards specific political issues; 2) a sense of responsibility and ability (or lack thereof) to contribute to the community or the political process; and 3) awareness of his or her position in a socially differentiated world. Knowing that parents often make knowledge and values explicit through conversations with their children, I am exploring the CELF data for clues about the socialization of children to political consciousness in routine family activities when parents and children have extended opportunity for uninterrupted, one-on-one conversation. 

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