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Goodwin, Majorie H. -- Department of Anthropology CELF Research Page
  Goodwin, Majorie H. -- Department of Anthropology
Professor of Anthropology, UCLA
CELF Core Faculty
Phone: 310-267-4335
Office: 318F Haines Hall
E-Mail: mgoodwin@anthro.ucla.edu
Celf Specialization: Working Families' Involvement in Children's Recreational Activities

The focus of my study will be on the social and linguistic organization of interaction of adults and children during children' activities. My research has shown games and leisure activity provide an important locus for children's development of rules and moral behavior. In the midst of such activities children learn gender-specific behavior as well as appropriate moral stances towards others who might differ in terms of social class, ethnicity, disability, body type or gender. Within these activities my focus will be how assessments are made and affect is socialized, as well as on how negotiation and problem solving occurs through analyzing the specific types of turn shapes, intonational contours, and sequential organization of conversational moves in disputes. A major concern will be how parents and children develop role sharing and negotiate the division of household labor. In addition I am concerned with how adults involve extended kin and friendship networks in the process of accomplishing important tasks in the life world of children -- everyday events such as getting children home from school, managing times of illness, attending to children's accomplishments during recreational activities, and celebrating life crisis events. Another concern will be how involvement in activities such as sports or other group activities affects children's development.


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