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Garro, Linda -- Department of Anthropology CELF Research Page
  Garro, Linda -- Department of Anthropology
Professor of Anthropology, UCLA
CELF Core Faculty
Phone: 310-206-6249
Office: 318E Haines Hall
E-Mail: lgarro@anthro.ucla.edu
Celf Specialization: How Concerns About Health Enter into Family Life

The overarching objective of Garro's research at CELF is to develop an integrated perspective on health-related activities within middle-class dual-career family life by attending to the processes, social supports (social networks), and artifacts relied upon by family members to promote the health and well-being of those in the family, including all living within the household and, when apropos, family members living outside the immediate household (e.g., elderly parents). There are several interrelated orienting questions that will be addressed. How do family members recognize, respond to and manage ill health? What do family members do to promote well-being in daily family life? How do activities reveal and shape understandings about the body and health? How are health related activities organized across time, space, social networks, and artifacts? How does the broader social and cultural health milieu infiltrate family life?


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