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Orlando, Angela CELF Research Page
  Orlando, Angela
Graduate Student Fellow
Phone: (310) 267-4253
E-Mail: angelamarie@ucla.edu
Celf Specialization: household modern material culture, sociocultural anthropology and archaeology

The household is the core of intimate decisions and interactions; the aesthetics of our households contribute to our behaviors and to our well being. I am examining ways that dual-income families residing in the Los Angeles metropolis and that of Lima, Peru, use and decorate their living space. Furthermore, I'm interested in how household aesthetics contribute to identity formation processes among children and adults. How are we socialized to clean and decorate our living spaces? What does our household decoration scheme say about us (or what would we like it to say about us)? What about clutter and the acquisition and disposal of everyday objects? What are the consequences of mothers - who once were in charge of household aesthetic decisions - entering the workforce and spending less time at home?


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